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We always pay special attention to building our armed forces on modern foundations, and we made a great effort in that until they reached the level of pride for every Omani.

H.M Sultan Qaboos Bin Said (1940-2020)

A’trs International was established on the 19th day of September 2014 with the vision of providing state of the art equipment and solution with the continued support and understanding from our world-wide partners In addition, A’trs International is aware of opportunities to diversify and has acquired the necessary tools and relationships to operate as one of the leading companies in the specialist fields of Security, Defence and Medical Diagnostics in the Sultanate of Oman

Specialist Equipment

mainly focused on communication and Improvised Explosive Detection (IED) specialist equipment and systems. The specialist equipment are designed especially for critical application requiring detection and localization of IED in combat or

Security & Defense Supplies

Specialist Supply of backpacks, shields, riot gear, bullet proof vests, boots and other tactical relates accessories for specialist personnel with different requirements

Drone (Vertical Tack Off and Landing) Solutions:

with the support and understanding of our global strategic partners the main focus here is to provide state-of-the-art unmanned aircrafts for different specialist use with different custom specifications and requirements.

Search & Rescue Solutions

Supplying state of the art solutions and equipment in the field of search and rescue which include inspection telescopic rods for multiple search operation i.e. cars, building, hard to reach areas etc… in addition to professional endoscopes with extensions up to 3.5 meters night vision capabilities specifically for hard to reach areas and earthquake survivors in demolished buildings. We also provide solutions with one of the best human under rubble detection system in the world, this system is cable of detecting human movement and breathing from a long distance in demolished building. We are proud to also provide solutions for the detection of radiation using a very advanced Radiological Reconnaissance unmanned ground vehicle capable of detection Radioactivity in the air crucially avoiding human exposure.

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